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If you’re like most people, you dream about Owning or renting a home in a nice neighborhood. Well, here’s your chance to make your dream come true! If you can afford a reasonable down payment and monthly payments, you could easily qualify for one of our exciting home programs!

Our easy-qualifying Home Rental/ Rent To Own Program moves you in today with a reasonable deposit equal to one or two months rent, and affordable monthly payments. If you have decent credit we will work to help you qualify for a low down payment loan, with a low fixed interest rate So you can buy the home at any time!  Most of our rental homes are available for purchase. This is on a case by case basis.

Our Rent to own Program  ( Not Available on every home.) Is a great way to begin the process of home ownership. If you can afford an Option Fee between 3 to 5% of the sale price of the home, and are willing to work on fixing your credit. We can rent to own one of our homes to you. We will even help you fix your credit for free. Yes We Said FREE!  We will work with you even if you have bad credit and we can take items of value for trade toward your option fee payment ( Boats, Cars, Airplanes, Gold, Instruments, .... ect ) . If we can sell it, we can take it in on trade.  The rent amount will be a little lower the normal rent, and you can begin the process of becoming a home owner fast. Once we help you get your middle score up to 580 you may qualify for a loan and can buy the home.

Our Low Down Payment Home Purchase Program requires bank financing and allows you to enjoy the benefits of a great single family home as long as you have decent credit, a middle score of 620 is the minimum (subject to change due to lender requirements). Enjoy the benefits of home ownership with a super low down payment. We will even pay all your closing costs if it is a home we own. 

Good, Bad or Ugly Credit is OK!
Perhaps one of these situations applies to you: self-employed, short job history, past or present financial problems. Don’t worry, these problems don’t scare us! Recent evictions however, do scare us and will stop you from qualifying. If you are being evicted or have been recently, unless you are paying all cash up front we can not help you. Please do not call.

We Are Realtors®
We have a financial interest in the properties we sell, You will Find we are much easier to work with and are very flexible on terms. We will even be willing to customize the homes we rent and sell to meet your personal tastes. If we do not have a home you want in our inventory we will be glad to help you find a great deal on one some where else. We also List , Sell and Manage properties for others. 

Let Us Help You Find the Home of Your Dreams!
Our inventory goes fast due to our easy purchase programs. If you don’t find what you are looking for here, chances are we’ll have a house in inventory soon that will meet your needs. If you wish to be notified as soon as a house becomes available that meets your criteria, be sure to join our VIP Buyers List or our Wholesale Buyers Questionnaire

If we do not have what your looking for we can help you find it. If you have good credit and down payment We can represent you has your Realtor, and help you find a home at a great price.

AHB Realty and Property Management  is controlled by Bill Sandford who is the Broker In Charge  and has a financial interest in many of the properties on this site.

1110 South Church St Burlington, NC 27215
301 Providence Rd. Graham, NC 27253
317 Hallie Long Lane Burlington, NC 27217
317 Hallie Long Lane Burlington, NC 27217
401 Poplar Street Graham, NC 27253
403 Poplar St. Graham, NC 27253
4204 Copeland Terrace Graham, NC 27253
709 Everett St Burlington, NC 27217
901 Checker St Graham, NC 27253
908 N. Main Street Graham, NC 27253
912 North Main Street Graham, NC 27253
809 Rockhurst Dr Gibsonville, NC 27342
1033 E. Hanover Road Graham, NC 27253
303 Providence Rd Graham, NC 27253
307 Providence Rd. Graham, NC 27253
5602 Pine Creek Ct McLeansville, NC 27301
816 AVON AVE Burlington, NC 27215
Lot #1 on East Hanover Road Graham, NC 27253
Lot #3 on Hanover Rd Graham, NC 27253
Lot #4 on Hanover Rd. Graham, NC 27253
4 Lots on East Hanover Road Graham, NC 27253
Corner Caswell and Elm Streets Burlington, NC 27217
2 Duplex Lots on W. Whitsett St. Burlington, NC 27215
Lot 1 On West Whitsett St. Burlington, NC 27217
Lot 2 on West Whitsett St. Burlington, NC 27217
Lot 3 On West Whitsett St Burlington, NC 27217
Lot 4 on Border St Burlington, NC 27217
Lot 5 on Border St Burlington, NC 27217

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AHB Realty and Property Management
1603 South Church St
Unit D
Burlington, NC 27215
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